If you are planning a marketing or an advertising campaign on Billboard in special dimensions so your ads look special, MEDIA MARKETING is the team. With us your ads will look more beautiful than in other presentations, we make your ads be visible all the time, it will not annoy people and it will be acoustic appropriate. Most of billboards are in good locations with visibility and highly frequented, connecting two or more cities, at the entrance or exit of towns across rural areas of Kosovo.



- Billboard different sizes
- Press in Cerada VINIL
- Printing
- Photography

Print and Graphic Design Professional
Any format, be that big, medium or small size it has high-resolution. This is to increase the clarity of the billboard depending on the size available, all this to ensure printing quality and proper design.

MEDIA MARKETING, ADVERTISING ON BILLBOARD / info@mmarketingu.com / +383 (44) 90 07 03 / +383 (49) 77 66 06